This is a split between friends for Valentine's Day 2014.

All proceeds from this album on bandcamp will be donated to V-Day which is a global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.


This is TFG-021 and tapes will be available soon.

Thank you to my friends for being incredible musicians and people.



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Track Name: Armando Martins - I Don't Ask For Forgiveness, Just Understanding
I've got opaque cornea and tissue paper skin, and I'm sorry I ever let any of you in. It just goes to show that I am alone and no matter where I am I'm never home. It just goes to show that I love you most and despite my best intentions I am a ghost. I swear I'm a good guy. I just need to learn to ignore the voices that vie to get to want to give up and die. We break our own hearts just to know that they're there. We break our own hearts just to know that they're there. We pray to a god we don't know is there. And we pretend we're not really that scared.
Track Name: Armando Martins - I'd've Killed Richard Mallory, too
You better hope Karma gets to you before I can
Because the universe is more stable than I am
But the universe let this bullshit happen
You can bet I won't fucking let it happen again
Thank the six companies that control our media
For overlooking your evil and blaming her
Thank the fucking patriarch.
For making it harder for her to speak up
But cry yourself to sleep each night
Cut yourself with a rusty knife
I don't feel sorry for you but I pity you
You cowardly, little nazi man
If there's a Hell I hope to see you when I get there
She'll be in Heaven
Not because of but in spite of everything
A long time from now
In the meantime she'll raise a son
That'll appreciate and respect everyone
In the meantime i'll buy myself a gun
Because out of every five of us there's a worthless one
Track Name: Koala Tea Time - Every Day is the Same, Every Day is Toby Day
You said that these weekends are like an arrow through a scabbing heart
It bleeds and it heals it bleeds and it heals
You said it's just not cutting it,
but the summer will end and these weekends will be all we have left
I guess that's just not cutting it, when it's just cutting skin

You said when we met I was as white as snow
But I guess I've just been laying in the dirt too long
You said with him you're always on cloud nine
With me it was always raining

You said you wanted to grow old together
But I guess I've been aging too fast for you
Well soon, I'll be dead
And you won't have to put up with me anymore
Track Name: Koala Tea Time - Summer Bat
Well my mother has a statuette of Joseph sitting on a shelf in our kitchen
And she says that he protects our family and watches with everything do
But he doesn't know about the books that she's been having to read so she can learn how to deal her troubled teenager
And he doesn't have a clue about what I've been doing upstairs in the bathroom

And down at the beach with all of the fuck ups
where we're always dancing, all night and all year round
until the polluted water from the bay freezes up in the sands
and we pass out on picnic tables
and we stare into the sky

and we see blackness
we see nothing
we see ourselves
we see nothing in ourselves

And old lover, I'm sorry to say that I've forgotten your name
But do you remember the day you said these words
"It's okay to be nothing as long as you know it"
We were slow dancing in my kitchen to Procul Harum
Our socks were gliding on the hardwood floor
My eyes were staring down at them as your words fell to my ears from your mouth
"It's okay to be as long as you know it"
Well, I'm not sure if I believe,
but it's all that I have to live by
So I'm writing a note to my mother and slipping it between the pages of one of those books that I made her buy
I'm going to say that I'll try to be alright
Track Name: Greg McKillop - Fival
When I am at home:
i take the name given to me by my parents
four weeks before I was born;
that of ST GREGORY,
patron saint of singers and teachers.
When I am on the road, me and my friends we are all
bandanas and suspenders.
Yelps and growls.
Torn knee-holes covered up by terrible band t-shirts
given to us by locals
the day before.
During those times, during the road times, you can call me
but i am often asked why there's a feather in my hat
and I reply, "it invites conversations from friendly strangers who lack tact"
Intentions are usually good and hearts are backed
by a willingness to participate in samaritan acts.
Its a simple thing, this wing leads to free meals and strings of events which essentially allows me to sing,
At this point, I am a proffesional houseguest.
I have a degree in what time
is the right time to leave
if you cook, I'll clean. Iv got the evological footprint of an ant three thousand times smaller than its queen, but Im lieing. What I am really trying to say is, you will hardly even notice me.
If this poem is boring you, I should let you know that songs about touring through states often assimilates fate through images of crosses and crossroads, with the mere idea that both act more like terrorists the more south you go. But make no mistake! I dont claim that every citzen of texas, arizona, or riots from penn state wants to assign crimes to my name just because I'm gay. I know there are bad apples that fall from the trees, but its the seeds that are sown that shine underneath, thats what I beleive in.
Thats the reason that I sing.
This is not a self validating poem that I wrote for me, instead:
its a song I wrote about everything I can do
to validate
Track Name: Greg McKillop - The $5000 Poet
To the Poet who gets in touch with me, once every three months, having no idea who I am and asks me for a three thousand dollar speaking gig.
Dear Poet:
I do not hate you, but instead, I set the bar at which I respect you so that you know who you are when I look at you.
I do not consent to being your family.
Yeah we might both write words that feed our bellies and the bellies of others when they are hungry for some peace of mind, and we might both travel the winding roads from time to time, but we are not family.
I have been nothing more than a book sold to you,
and now,
when you realize there are many more pages to my volumes, I am nothing more than what you see as a key to the forbidden fruit of universities and the gold they keep
chained away in their lockers,
in their banks,
in their basements.
You see me as a way to trick the kids into wasting their semesters away pining for you to come and teach them, cause to the unlearned any teachings are worth paying for, to the young if you desguise yourself as a star you can burn so brightly right in front of their eyes they cant help but stare into your sun, agape at what you have lived: cause they have no idea that simply by living they will learn what you have to teach them.
Dont get me wrong: Everyone deserves to make a living,
but there is a trickery to your art.
Of selling yourself the superstar nova,
surrounded by six string quartets and string section sililoqeys,
but I can see the press kit you put together: every poem sounds like an epiphany when you put a slow cello behind it. Have it play in A major, thats the most uplifting. Speak like an angel, we have all been taught from birth to eat the words of angels like the saviors last supper and then you, you can be a savior too. I would rather hear your words read, not by your voice but from someone not privileged enough to have one.
Because you are NOT my family.
I respect you, and you are good,
but you are not 5 grand good.
Or you are 5 grand good, but not anymore than I am 5 grand good, or the young lady on the open mic is 5 grand good, or the overlooked reader in the slam is 5 grand good, or the organizer is 5 grand good. Because as much as I would love to pay you a million dollars for your art, that economy does not currently exist. And while you and the rest of your heavenly host are floating around the country dealing out your truths like golden apples on trees, the rest of us? We are breaking our backs bending over backwards to arrange the yellow brick road for you. So your solar flare can pass through our cool night breeze and teach us what its like to be warm, but you know what, I would rather be the moon. Not shining but reflecting light and letting others see just how far a shadow they can cast, when you dim all the lamps just right, EVERYONE IS HUGE! We all have a reach of giants and meld into one another, learning from one another. Family is not something you call someone you want something from. Family is someone who already gave it to you.
Track Name: Greg McKillop - Pokemon Poem
I get to your house
a full five minutes early,
and swing around to the front window
to whisper a "hello".
Instead, I catch a glimpse of you.
Placing a binder around your chest
but I don't see a disguise.
I see futuristic space armor
worn by the galactic football league
or by every single character in
starship troopers,
expecially the tall blonde one,
the one all the other guys obviously wanna do.
And when we are alone, and intimate,
and there are places our hands cannot go
because they are unsure of how we will feel when
we get there.
I say its ok, its like
we are the X-men.
and when cyclops and jean grey do it,
he cant take his sunglasses off
because laser eye beams will go everywhere,
and kill everyone, and definatly ruin the mood.
And when you tell me you wish
we had waited another 6 months to start dating
so you would be further along in your transition:
I say its ok.
Its just good practice
for learning to love who you are
as well as who you are going to become.
its like your a pokemon
and I get to see all of your pokemon evolutions as you go along.
And when we walk down the street,
hand in hand
and some bro douchebag yells
out of a car:
I like to think both of us will smile
because they know who we really are.
Track Name: Holy Shadow - Isa
I found Isa way up the river
he took my shoes and he cooked my dinner
he's the one who always knows best
Jesus got caught in a honey comb
and now I feel oh so alone
where is my lord

he's in the shower washing off all the scars from his palms
you just keep on walking and I think that I have done something wrong

I found Isa way up the river
he hates his friends but he told me I was different
he's the one who always knows best
and I got caught here way back home and now I feel oh so alone
where is my lord

he's in the shower washing off all the scars from his palms
you just keep on walking and I know that I have done something wrong
Track Name: Holy Shadow - You
I want the roads to rise to meet You
I want You to scrape death off your boots
I wanna love You in September
and call it an Autumn truth
and I do not like Your step father of the way that he talks to You
and when I think of You yeah when I close my eyes
You are wearing something blue

because You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are
yeah You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are

and I am sorry about your brother but I am happy you were brave
and I promise I am trying not to be another person you have to save
and I will sing your praises for all that art you made
and I am trying really hard to see you today

because You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are
yeah You-o-o-o-o-o know what I are

and I have dreams of falling asleep in Your car
if only things could stay the way they are

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