Not Gone Enough Compilation

by Too Far Gone Records

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Put together over a span of a month. Check out all of these bands and their individual bandcamps and support them and their future music. All of these bands are the best kinda people and I'm so very grateful that all of them were willing to be a part of this project with me. I would have preferred to have all new music by bands, but that would have taken far longer. Next time!



released May 3, 2013

Just would like to thank everyone who helped me get both this label and this compilation off of the ground.

Thank you especially to Chris Reject and Square of Opposition Records for being the main inspiration behind Too Far Gone Records.

Thank you to Lizzie Clarke for being one of my oldest, best friends and for being there in the very beginning and drawing the ghost logo that I love so much. You're a great person and I'm thankful for you.

Thank you to Meaghan Healy for taking the photo for the album artwork and for supporting the label so much and for just genuinely being an amazing individual.

Thanks to everyone that I've ever met through the music scene, whether at some shitty basement show or through the internet or whatever. You're the best.

Thanks to all the bands that reached out to me that I couldn't fit onto this compilation, I am forever appreciative for your interest and wish you the very best.




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Track Name: Sleeping Fox - Fingernails
Why can't I just be happy? I forget that nobody walks on water, I keep on drowning. Walk out the front door into her arms again. You know you'll never love anyone, at least not this way, and now that she's gone, there's a hell of a change. Your heart is heavy, your words are slurred, your knees are shaking and your balance is lost. The only way to shake this feeling off is to have no feeling at all.

You're still sitting on your bed and I'm still watching you there. Biting your fingernails. I figure it's nothing and it's just a bad habit, but at the same time i'm scared as hell thinking about it.

You track mud into the bed that you're in now, and you say you're comfortable but I know you can't sleep. Nothing makes sense, nothing makes you happier than being sad 7 days a week.

I'm chewing on my fingernails now so i can remember you more clearly. Asleep in my head, staring at the sky through my ceiling. I start to see your face etched into the clouds, as every last fingernail falls from my mouth. I can start to feel your hands in my hair again.

Now it's been months since that time and I guess I'm alright but still nothing haunts me more than how I felt all those nights. Forgive and forget. Our ghosts are holding hands. Alone and dead I sink. Good luck with everything. You drown in blood and spit.
Track Name: Pokey - Leghorn
Freedom isn't everything it's cracked up to be
Without direction I just don't know how to live
I'm just floating through life for no reason and with no purpose
I cast off myself, finding comfort in submission

Not a care or worry in the world
Nothing's in my hands
I can't drop the ball
I can't drop the ball

Give me a sign, just to prove me right
But even if you don't I'll still be just as sure
Guide my hand, without you I don't know what I'd be capable of
Better safe than sorry

Not a care or worry in the world
Nothing's in my hands
I can't drop the ball
I can't drop the ball

And if I drown my kids or shoot my friends I'll know it's part of a plan that I will never understand
Track Name: The Whoopass Girls - The Scott Scharinger Shuffle
well i've tried to write this town's anthem for two years now. i wrote all the chords, all the words. but i just can't get it out. i've been trapped in musky basements screaming over hatred for you. getting mean at the wrong times, but sometimes getting mean is all you can do. let's go!

and i remember when i believed in love, and i remember when i prayed to something above. but those days have passed, i'm a different man. all i ever wanted was for you to sing along, so i could forget writing her five love songs. let me go, please let me go.
Track Name: The Pants - Drinking Again
Tonight I’m gonna get messed up,
I’m gonna drink my woes away,
Lets, go to the city and get a little shitty and forget about our days,
Just buy me a drink,
Just buy me a beer,
Lets see a terrible band just because we can and get the fuck outta here,
I’m going home,
Just leave me alone,
throw away the key and forget about me,
and leave me on my own

So take away my phone,
Before I call, every girl I know,
and tell her how I think she’s cute,
Just blame my friends,
For all the beers and cigarettes,
oh I can’t wait to go out drinking again,

I’m just drinking to forget,
So maybe its best,
To leave me on the floor,
I don’t care anymore and I just need to rest,
I’m freaking out,
I’m drowning in doubt,
and I hate everyone and I hope they’re gone,
So I can scream and shout

So take away my phone,
Before I call, every girl I know,
and tell her how I think she’s cute,
Just blame my friends,
For all the beers and cigarettes,
oh I can’t wait to go out drinking again,
Oh no,
No I can’t wait to go out drinking again,
Oh no,
No I can’t wait to go out drinking, again.
Track Name: Athletes. - Light Eyes Might
I know that i disappoint
I know i'm not what you wanted
and i'm sorry

You're my only son

I always break her heart
when she tries to fix mine

I still write my epitaphs for friends who leave just memories
I still bruise burnt skies, burst my eyes and hope she knows that i'm making progress
I dont trust my memories, they all include ghosts writing back to me
And I dont bruise that easily any way
Track Name: Olde Pine - Samsquamch
i won't waste your time
if you promise not to waste another second of mine
this year's been long enough as it is, i don't know how to begin again

and i hope you don't make the same mistakes that your dad did, when he lost his way
or your mom did when she took his hand, she bit off far more than you could ever hope to chew
but time is what you have and it's yours to spend
what better way to spend it, than with your best friend?

you hit the road and left me an ocean, i can't swim in the silence of your skin
please let me inside the times we never had it right, i spent two years alone with you
Track Name: Johnny Edwards - I Care So Little, I Almost Passed Out!
I’d rather pull out my own teeth than accept I’m nothing.
Every day I say that to myself my teeth lose meaning.
But you serve as a reminder of how small I really am.
And it leaves me questioning, should I be gnawing or gumming?
If I don’t I’m a failure and a liar.
And if I fail I won’t be able to bite my nails from nervousness.
Track Name: Medicine Bow - Free
Afraid of commitment
And what the confides may be
Gemmed ring from my Grandma
Won't find a hand to call home
Let's get some coffee
Well beat the dusty breeze
What if I find you uninteresting
I can't walkout without paying

Women would tie me down
A free soul can't be captured
My family thinks I'm strange
Sorry I don't mold to plain
So fuck songs about Women
We don't need another one

You can't cage a free Spirit
So don't try to contain it.
Track Name: Mallard - Chug Your Knowledge
I guess I really don’t want you.
I guess I wont try to be all the things I don’t want to.
I guess we’re sitting here being vague.
Although I can’t seen to find more time, I tried
and left us there with our hands both tied.
Why can’t we just ignore that time?
I tired, I failed
What does it matter?
I tried, I failed
It doesn’t matter
I can’t see what I need
Don’t help me, you’re just a memory
Track Name: P.S. 118 - Hey There Dreamboat! Not You, Shipwreck
Backdrops without any clouds,
And fevers when we're not sick.
We can eat and sleep when we please,
And live on our front lawns.
And our bones will melt into something more acceptable,
We've all outgrown our bitter shells.
Swam through the trees and walked across the ocean,
Looking for something that was never there.
Forty miles in and all i found was my heart,
Buried in a mound of auburn hair.
So i catch myself again,
And i know it won't be the last time
Track Name: Ten Acres - Magic
Blame it on the mystery of the conscious human being
lost as a dog trying to make sense of its own dream
Magic is more fun when you don't know the secrets

You're walking in, Mr. Strictly Business
What do you think you know?
Magic is more fun, when you don't know the secrets
Magic is more fun, when you don't know the tricks

I spent all summer on the front porch
and you were nowhere to be found
I can't say you didn't care
cause I never really tried
I wasn't all that there

Everything thats ever happened, happened today
And every thought you've ever had has never stayed
Track Name: The Dirty Thirties - Pale Fire
you see the rest of the world as if it's burning in pale fire. the same fire that heats the blood that runs through both of us. the noises coming out of your mouth are a poor excuse for words, the things you say are pathetic you just want to be heard. and you act like you can solve all your problems, looking up through the bottom of empty glass bottles. is it worth it to you, to push me farther every day? 12 steps won't be enough now that you're 13 steps away.
Track Name: Everything and Between - Basement
Beautiful saint,
let’s take a walk in my basement.
We can study how the rain falls.
Don’t leave, I’ll be alone again.
These walls can’t hold conversations
for the life of them.
Please stay and rejuvenate my body,
you got the lips to jump-start my heart.
Or like a battery charged
I’ll restart these feelings.
Oh look how my strings follow
this tune and the melody you produce.
Your voice is the product of something new.

If you really need to fight for me then go
if you really want to stay then let me know.
You have the choice, the heart, and mind.
We’re dying tonight, everything’s alright.
We met at the most inopportune time.
Is there a safe haven nearby?
I’ll be the lover, you be the ghost.
Let’s die tonight, everything’s alright.

You’re not the gold on my throne; you are the pain in my head.
You’re the ghost that sends me closer to death,
I am a demon, you are a saint.
Can two lovers stay that way or break?
And so tonight I will disappear from everyone who loves me.
I have a question for those who do:
Why do you? Why do you?

If you really need to search for me then leave.
If you really want to love me then just breathe
and think of something to occupy
your mind, I’m just a waste of time.
I had it all wrong from those looks.
If a thief gets caught, should he give back what he took?
The punishment is worse than it seems.
If I die tonight, will I wake up from this dream?
Track Name: Standstill - Six Figures Getting Sick
She thought long and she thought hard about me. I tried so hard to be the weight on her shoulders. My lung collapses; crescent moon. From her Modest Mouse band t-shirt swoon, a joie de vivre a "get home soon" from my vocal chords incessant croon. I cut my feet on glass that litters the shoreline. Broken bottles and careful steps that I take to keep in time with the tempo in my head, and the tempo of her breath and the tempo of our rest.

I lay awake and stare at her white ceiling. I guess the red that coats the walls needed room to breathe. My veins they wrap like ivy 'round my contorted bones. Contorted sounds leak through these teeth and past the mouth before the mirror cracks we count it down.

We always spoke about obstacles to overcome and we always argued over what was lost and what was won. And I've been told since I was young to learn to stick it out. I always find some way to lie and keep my life consistent with my deep breaths and regrets, and short steps and rejects , and trees that are leafless and keeping in step to a dance that we pursue and avoiding possibilities that there may be another me one year from now.
Track Name: Spider Mansion - Graceland
If death will take us all in an instant, what is this desperate care and clinging to things temporary and romanticized?

I don't know where I'm going to go without you.
I don't know what I'm going to do without you.

I am alone, finally.