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Songs For Birds To Beat Their Wings To

by Holy Shadow // Delicate English

When I get home, I do believe I will write you a song about all these little headaches and every single way that it's all gone wrong / Because my fears run as deep as this train is long. And I know it's not my place to judge but maybe you should not do so many drugs / or maybe you should do what you want 'cause it's your life. I'm just saying that I've been there before, wouldn't wish it on anyone. So maybe you shouldn't do so many drugs. You're already forgetting all of the things that I wrote down. I can see what's coming like darkness at the edges of my town. And I do want you to stay but I'm not sure you're ready to stick around. And this song is for someone I love: please don't do so many drugs. Or maybe you'll just fall on your face because you can. I'm just saying that sometimes I do feel trapped; I wouldn't wish this on anyway. So maybe you shouldn't do so many drugs.
All my friends go to Connecticut when they're a-fixin' to die, and they've made it home in one piece I guess but they can't do it every time. And I wanna float down the lazy ol' river that flows out into the sea, but the attics of our innocence could never bring you home with me or slow those poisons coursing through yr bones. Nadia, well she's a revolution. I find myself admiring the things she's been doin' out on the west coast when I'm on the east coast in a bad place. Some girl I don't know she's sitting on the road, talking to the cops in French. And I'm in the woods a-lying on my back, just drunk enough to dance to Danny Brown cause it will always remind me of my sweet, my sweet friend Maddie just like Red River Valley, it'll always remind me of my dear, my dear aunt Kathy and I'll miss them a lot which is a hole in the plot of this apathetic life. And so I'll sit on the porch and I'll look you in the eye, try to keep the conversation light, keep the conversation light.
I know that it's getting late But really I do believe that I should go But if I could stay all night Than I would stay all night Come to find out all the rumors are true Because average kids aren't like you.



tapes coming soon

Thank you Greg and Dennis.


released February 5, 2014


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